4 Books to Review

Gah. Not Reading books (the untraditional ones) is killing me! But I shall endure! MUAHAHAHA. but I have been fantasizing of reading books so I don't forget to read books.

The Ohsum Books

 1. Fissure by Nicole Williams. I am not done with it yet but I have a great great feeling that it'll be ohsum to it's ohsum end! So when I'm done with my fast / diet, I'll be continuing Pat and my date.

2. Crash still by Nicole Williams. I'm surprised I put this up here. But for the amount of wit and the amount of sass that Lucy brings, I'm gonna do just so!

The Less-than-ohsum Books

1. Aces Up by Lauren Barnholdt. I was disappointed with this one. And I feel the need to explain why. Hence the review.

2. Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik. As the name suggest, it was a horrorific thing to read. I hated someone I was supposed to love (Derek) and I feel that this doesn't capture the essence of the original book this was poorly derived from (Pride and Prejudice by my hero Jane Austen) and failed in comparison to other retellings.

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